Sunday, April 15, 2012

Things to Know - 15 April

Jeff Danziger
Not remembering which garage floor elevator the car is parked on, she has to shop via the internet?

1.  Gas Prices - Here is a common sense article on the subject.  Consumers in the USA pay less that the rest of the world.  The subject is a real domestic political football, based on the lack of understanding (read ignorance) on how the system is working.   It is to the OPEC and other oil producing nations advantage to lull us into having low prices, because we will continue to suck the stuff up ....kind of like a hard drug.   The problem now is that other countries are now developing the same dependence on fossil fuels as their technology and consumer-driven needs want cars and more cars.   We really do need to develop alternative measures and part of that is going to require changes in habits, and public policy:

2.  An interesting video from the Guardian which concludes that bankers have no idea why people are mad at them for wrecking Wall Street, getting bailed out, and at the same time now living on obscene bonuses and lobbying to be free from any regulation:

3.  Let's read something that investigates all of the chatter running around on the "Obama War on Religion" by the nattering nabobs of nada (GeeOpee):

4.  The seriously immoral and corrupt infusion of hidden money by the King of Super PAC (Karl Rove) into political campaigns is explained in this article.  His "grassroots" organization if  a small room full of billionaires who fork over chump change in an amount up to $300 million.   The Uber-Rich 1% really are patriotically involved in the political process...or is that the appropriate definition?:

5.  This article from Truthout paints Romney in a difficult position.  His brand of maleable principles based on salesmanship (not conviction), and his really bad ability to connect with people has crippled him.  If he were to win, his term in office would be a major disaster for everyone, since he really has no base:

6.  With all of the zany and screwy GeeOpee wannabees all gone now, just leaving the plastic robot (Willard) left, the Saturday Night Live artists are having a difficult time finding some material -  Oh to have Sara Back!:

7.  In all of the gloomy muddle that cascades out of the Roberts Supreme Court, it is nice to see that more states are getting on the train to repeal the death penalty.   For various reasons, the actions are gaining traction, especially when the cost savings are factored in.   It really is weird and odd that you can't win the argument on the immorality of killing, but when the budget figures are understood, the hangman is retired:

8.  Steve Lopez, with his insight and journalistic skills brings us to a barber shop in LA.  It is here that the urban problems the part of the city which is on the "other side" of the Santa Monica freeway (the Ten), are discussed and compared to the past.   It sure would be nice if the US Congress could understand problems and reach consensus like the patrons of this barber shop do:,0,6327192,print.column


"Electricity is actually made up of extremely tiny particles called electrons, that you cannot see with the naked eye unless you have been drinking." 
       -- Dave Barry
"Some people have so much respect for their superiors they have none left for themselves." 
       -- Peter McArthur
"Sanity calms, but madness is more interesting." 
       -- John Russell
       -- Groucho Marx

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