Saturday, February 18, 2012

Things to Know - 18 February


1.  There is supposed to be a GeeOpee Wannabee debate in Atlanta on 1 March.  Romney and Paul are skipping out of it, and CNN is not going to televise it now.  So, one wonders who is going to show up, if any at all.  Does this signify a gentle implosion of the Republican Party in the state of Georgia?  I do know one thing, and that is that people in the state don't like to be treated as a potted plant:

2.  This is a slick presentation on the profile of the biggest looters who occupy the pinnacle of the top of the 1%:

3.  Super PACs are not working out as well as some had intended.  Especially those which are driven by one obscenely wealthy individual.  Rick Santorum has Foster Freiss, and Foster has just screwed things up for Rickey:

4.  No politics here.  It is an article in the Washington Post on the realistic way to face the end of life situation of our loved ones:

5.  This is an article on the Five Myths of the U.S, Presidency, which will give you history buffs something to check out:

6.  Santorum has an apparent problem about which he severely clueless.  He says the wrong things in the worst possible places about the worst subjects possible:

7.  N.J. Governor Cristie has cemented his bona fides with the right wing so that he is planted ready to step in at the brokered GOP convention:

8.  For those of you outside of Southern California, and for those of you who missed it, this is a classic example of the perfect storm in creating a massive traffic SNAFU that turned a 30 minute drive into an 9-hour traffic jam:,0,6063957,print.story


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