Friday, February 17, 2012

Things to Know - 17 February

Contraception Kanipshin

1.  Here are TWO separate links to let you in on what the Koch Brothers do to finance their brand of political influence:

2.  A Blast form the Past:

3.  There seems to be a worrying interest by the part of the conservative pundits that in their contacts and discussions with Romney, he is distant and disconnected with the

4.  It is difficult for one to fathom the lengths to which Republican will go to alienate anyone who is very close to the issue of contraceptive access.  Check this one out:

5.  The party that adamantly champion less intrusive government is now on record of passing legislation that requires a woman to undergo forced trans-vaginal inspection if she desires an abortion.  What is driving The Republicans and where do they think that they are going to wind up?.  Folks, this is in the state of Virginia:

6.  There is a move to focus on the legality of the Norquist signers removed from office because their allegiance to Grover is contrary to the laws and oath of office the assumed when put into office in the state of California.   This may have implications on the federal level.  Read it and see what is going on:

7.  Paul Krugman shows us with statistics and evidence that those states and regions who claim to be the biggest foes of big gummit entitlements are in fact the biggest recipients of same.
So, what gives?:

8.  Jeremy Lin- if you don't know who he is, read about him here.  He is an anomaly.  He is the product of the NBA lockout.  Because of salary caps, and other factors, he hooked up with the NY Nicks, and found a place on the bench, and then got his chance to play.  He's now like a rock star with the fans.  He does not fit the mold of the NBA superstar, and what the scouts look for.  He's Asian, and went to Harvard.  By NBA lockout problems and money issues, he's all the rage now.  Kind of makes you wonder, how many other "stars" are out there of players who do not fit the scouting mold:

9.  After a long ride on a seemingly safe track on tax policy, the Republicans are realizing that their obstinacy and intractable stance has gotten them into trouble with the voters.  Probably as a result of the Occupy focus, they have had to back down, and realize that they can no longer claim that they are right:,0,395742,print.story


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       -- Noel Coward
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       -- Flannery O'Connor
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       -- Soren Kierkegaard

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