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Robert Reich

Robert Reich 

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The convicted felon

Trump will find it difficult to attack 12 Americans who did their duty under the Constitution

MAY 30


Convicted felon Donald J. Trump has attacked the judge and prosecutors, but he will find it far more difficult to attack the twelve jurors who found him guilty today on all 34 counts, after less than two days of deliberation.

Those jurors were not Democrats. They were not politicians. They were not people who had a bias against Trump. They were Americans.

Trump's lawyers allowed them to become jurors because they showed no bias.

It's this fact that will be the most damning to Trump's narrative that he's being hounded by the Biden administration and Democrats.

Biden should say nothing about the verdict. Democratic lawmakers should maintain a dignified silence.

Let the jury's verdict speak for itself.

The United States Constitution, in Article III, Section 2, provides that the "Trial of all Crimes …. shall be by Jury." The founders wanted to ensure that it would be juries — not politicians — who decided the guilt or innocence of other Americans, under the laws of the land.

This is where the rule of law meets the everyday lives of all Americans: Every American citizen has at once time or another been summoned to serve on a jury.

Twelve Americans have now spoken about Trump's criminal lawlessness. They have spoken clearly, without partisanship or rancor.

Donald Trump is guilty, as charged. He is now a convicted felon.

Juan Matute
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