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Something to Know - 11 February

To those who are unfamiliar with ChatGPT, and similar programs, this might help.   I asked my son and his wife (both savvy computer geeks) last night at dinner to explain to me about all this ChatGPT stuff.   It is very simple to understand, but confusing since many people are bandying the term around, without telling what it is and how it works.  Well, the story below gives you a short example.  Over dinner, between pizza and salad, I was given an example.  Here it is, my first one, and maybe the first of many more as I acquire more techniques and sophistication.   Question to ChatGPT - "Give me a story of Donald Trump in the view(s) of Hunter S. Thompson" - This is the resulting unedited piece within one minute:

Write a biography of Donald j Trump in the style of Hunter Thompson

In the savage carnival of American politics, where reality morphs into a grotesque funhouse mirror, emerged Donald J. Trump – a flamboyant disruptor, a maverick with a golden façade. Fear and Loathing in the White House, the surreal tale of a New York tycoon turned Commander-in-Chief.

Trump, a swaggering showman, wielded words like weapons, hurling them like Molotov cocktails into the political arena. A maestro of chaos, he orchestrated a symphony of tweets that echoed through the hallowed halls of power. His candidacy, an audacious rampage through the establishment, left seasoned pundits dazed and confused.

With a bouffant of gold and a swagger that could only be described as larger than life, Trump surfed the zeitgeist like a madman on a magic carpet ride. The campaign trail became a psychedelic journey, with Trump at the helm, careening through the American psyche in a blaze of red hats and populist fervor.

In the Oval Office, Trump's reign was a rollercoaster of executive orders and diplomatic dalliances. The man who once fired "You're fired!" on reality TV now wielded the power to reshape nations. It was a gonzo presidency, where tweets were policy proclamations, and the White House press briefings resembled circus acts more than sober declarations.

Yet, beneath the bombast and bluster, Trump's narrative was as enigmatic as the man himself. The billionaire with a taste for glitz and glamour reveled in the gritty realm of politics, a ringmaster in a circus of his own making. Love him or loathe him, he left an indelible mark on the American tapestry, a chapter in the nation's story that will forever be written in bold, brash strokes.


Juan Matute

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― The Lincoln Project

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