Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Something to Know - 9 November

Artificial Intelligence (commonly known as AI), has been the subject of much concern and debate.   With regard to driverless vehicles, it has been a very hot subject about its ability to safely guide and navigate through complicated and unprogrammed demands.   The link below is geared to acquaint the average person on the basics of why driverless cars have been brought so quickly before us and what problems may exist in their safe operation.   Technology, cost, and profit are the big factors.   This is all about an interview by Warren Olney who is guiding a class at Santa Monica College in a 90-minute interview with the Deputy Director of Transportation Studies at UCLA.   I am sure you will find this interesting, and the fact that the person being interviewed is my son might have something to do with my sharing this with you.  Click on the https://  to be able to generate the link.

Juan, here it is.  Give my regards to your parents and thanks again. 



Q. What is the difference between a law-abiding gun owner and a criminal?

A.  The .2 of a second that it takes to pull a trigger.

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