Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Something to Know - 11 January (Part 2)

No.....this is not a peek into our dysfunctional democracy.   It is just a comment on something that has occurred from news on the FAA Air Traffic Control outage that happened this morning.

In my very early days with Western Airlines airport operations, I became familiar with many aspects of the business.   One was the reference to the activity for pilots, when checking in to work a flight.   One big item was to read weather reports and any notices about any important information regarding the particular flight for that day.   This information was entitled as NOTAM.   Back in my day, this was the acronym for  NOTICE TO AIRMEN.   Reflecting a change today in working arrangements, staffing, and employees.....NOTAM is now short for NOTICE TO AIR MISSIONS.  The advisory is still called NOTAM, but is really a reflection that a great many commercial airline pilots are women.   The job is still the same, but the pilot employees doing the flying has changed.  Now, I wonder if the term for "cockpit" will ever be changed to "flight deck"?  Just sayin'.


Everybody loves Raymond.   Nobody loves Kevin

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