Sunday, July 3, 2022

Something to Know - 3 July

I am not going into any political news story this morning.  Instead, I want to pass on a very cool, instructive, and important video that I just saw on the CBS Sunday Morning Show.   It is in regard to our catastrophic drive into the abyss of carbon in the air.   This relatively short (less than 7 minutes) video is for those who might not know that much about the problem, or what the problem is.   I especially think that young people, who are old enough to comprehend a video on building things with Lego blocks, would appreciate this, and introduce younger minds to the issue so that they might figure out what to do after graduation.   We adults, as a group, have failed, and it will be up to those who are younger to fix it, so that those like my 6-year old grandson and his family have a mission in life:

The Republican Party - willing agents and representatives of the Gun Manufacturing and Ammunition Industry - "the lobby".

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