Friday, March 25, 2022

Something to Know - 25 March

And on, and on, it goes.  It took a crisis, like the Russian aggression into Ukraine, to do what needed to be done for the European Union and NATO countries to finally unite and realize that their existence is dependent on coming together as one.   There are plenty of stories floating around about how Putin's Army is losing steam, and is disorganized, and demoralized - all true stories that are probably true and are retold to make a bad situation seem OK, but the artillery, missiles, and bombs keep destroying more and more of an innocent and brave Ukraine.  With the nation players uniting with Ukraine, but short of closing the sky over the country, there is a solid front.   However, here at home, there is a sad and disgusting show of disunity displayed by the Putin Wing of the Republican Party, and it shows up with FOX Noise commentary going into the bag of old history (the 2020 loss by Trump, with claims that he won), and now 2016 and Hunter Biden (again) - all twisted tales to pander to their base, and translate to nothing more that the biggest G

Insurrectionists and the destruction of the principles of Democracy have no place in the United States of America.

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