Saturday, March 19, 2022

Something to Know - 19 March

If you have not noticed, but if you care to know, I have not sent anything out for a couple of days, and I won't today, nor for the next 2-3 days.   My old iMac is characterized as being "obsolete", and I have had problems by not being able to upgrade anything.  So, I went out and acquired a nifty Mac Mini, with a 32" curved Samsung monitor, and a neat hub and some extra gizmos.  Putting them altogether and then transferring all my data from the old iMac to the new Mac system (several hours worth), and now I am back to my wireless trackpad, and hardwired keyboard.   Tomorrow morning, we will be off for a couple of days to Anza Borrego (valleys of wildflowers, etc.) and just getting out and about, because we still can.   See you when things get kind of back to normal.  

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