Thursday, February 24, 2022

Something to Know - 24 February

Some would say that we are at the brink of war.  Those who were of the opinion that Putin would not invade were wrong.   Russian military movements are now beyond "protecting Russian speakers in the eastern regions of the Ukraine".   Putin is now on a campaign he says "demilitarize", but to remove any aspects of the Ukrainians to defend themselves, and "remove" as in kill, anyone who is not on Putin's side.   I am not going to spend time pouring over various viewpoints and opinions from various sources looking for nuanced articles on what is going on.   When Biden steps up to give his State of the Nation address next week, he needs to avoid references to how good things are, how the economy is better now than before, or other cool things that past presidents say.   He needs to say that this nation is now at war, and we should be prepared to go through hard times.  Putin is crazier than Hitler, but they both operate from the same demented and evil book.    

Insurrectionists and the destruction of the principles of Democracy have no place in the United States of America.

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