Thursday, January 6, 2022

Something to Read and Know - 6 January

A very knowledgeable friend has provided us with material that he will be presenting, and he asked that I distribute his work to you.   There are two 4 page papers, one regarding the Constitution and the other on Inflation.  Then there is one 8 page paper that simply combines the two under the title Notes for the AAUW Talk he is giving this Saturday.  The material is very timely to what is going on right now, and Andy Winnick always keeps us aware of affairs that we need to know.   By way of the header on each document this is the author:

Andrew Winnick


Professor Emeritus of Economics and Statistics (Cal State L.A.)

President, The American Institute for Progressive Democracy

The documents are attached for your reading

Democrats want to fix bridges, provide childcare and lower drug costs. Republicans don't. These are political facts and voters should be aware of them."-
Magdi Semrau

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