Friday, October 16, 2020

Something to Know - 16 October

Couple of things here.  First, is HCR and an overall view of yesterday's noteworthy political events.  The second one is about the "dueling town halls"  I was not going to watch either one, but then I tuned in to ABC and watched Biden.  I thought he did very well, and gave great chatty answers, and made no gaffes.   After the town halls were over, I got some glimpse as to what went on with NBC and Savannah Guthrie's questioning of #45.   I should have realized that what I have said before in that trump is his own worst enemy.   Giving him enough rope to talk, talk, talk, and he will step into his piles of mar-a-crappo every time; and he did.   If you are in the mood to watch the trump saga, this YouTube video will provide you with informative entertainment:

Trump Town Hall 10/15/20


The person who comes to our home to keep our yard looking well-tended and orderly pays more in taxes that our current president.

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