Monday, June 29, 2020

Something to Know - 29 June

Very much June Gloom here in Claremont.  Weather conditions are ripe for my osteoarthritis to make me miserable all over.  It might drizzle later today or tomorrow.   I picked up my new Electronic Bike (Aventon Level) last Friday, and pedaled and zoomed a few times around the neighborhood.  The thing that got me really sore is that yesterday I got about half-way through one of those IKEA "some assembly required" on 140lbs of a new bed for the grandson to sleep in (he is getting bigger now).  It's probably great fun for dads to put together, but an ordeal for your average 79-year old grandfather.   I will try and finish it off today.  Besides, it might drizzle or rain anyway.   Here is a HCR, and she is about as interested in all the corruption and miserable leadership from Trump as I am.  If there is something interesting, I might send something later.

I was halfway through tonight's post with today's quite ugly stories in it, and I just stopped, saved the file, and closed it. Enough is enough.

It can wait. The upcoming week is almost certainly going to be a rough one, and we've all earned a break.

The sun will come up again tomorrow.

[Photo by Buddy Poland.]



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