Monday, May 18, 2020

Something to Know - 18 May

Most of us have taken it seriously to shelter in place, and venture out only for food and pharmaceuticals and other necessities.   So, I came upon this video in an embedded link in an article on Cirque du Soleil, and its apparent fear of shutting down forever.   The video is brings us an artistic view of the contortionist actors in the cast who are out of work right now.   Did you ever wonder what an unemployed Cirque du Soleil cast member does to cope these days.   Watch this video.   If you have ever been to one their performances, you are truly amazed.  Sit back and just watch.   All the other garbage of shitty politics and fear mongering can be postponed for a while as you watch:


CoronaTrump is a nasty virus, and if we distance ourselves like
Patriots, like a miracle it will all be gone in the Fall.

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