Sunday, December 1, 2019

Something to Know For All Vietnam Era Men- 1 December

A segment of this morning's CBS Sunday Show concerned the draft lottery that affected all men back in the days of the Vietnam era.  If for nothing else, but just plain curiosity, I have attached the .pdf files of the lottery results.  Take a look and figure out what your chances would have been, and what you did in this period of our lives.  In my particular case, I opted for the ROTC program in college, and ended up in the Army Corps of Engineers (prime slot for Sociology Majors; go figure)


Administrative processing number (APN) denotes the highest lottery numbers called for each table year. The APN (highest number) called for a physical was 215 for tables 1970 through 1976.


The last draft call was on December 7, 1972, and the authority to induct expired on June 30, 1973. The date of the last drawing for the lottery was on March 12, 1975. Registration with the Selective Service System was suspended on April 1, 1975, and registrant processing was suspended on January 27, 1976.


Registration was resumed in July 1980 for men born in 1960 and later, and is in effect to this present time. Men are required to register within 30 days of their 18th birthday.


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