Saturday, July 13, 2019

Something to Know - 13 July

There are times when it is refreshing and nostalgic to just back away from the keyboard and monitor and recall something that was really special from our life experience.   Such is the moment when this video came in, and I backed off and enjoyed the 10+ minutes of an artist on TV by the name of Bob Ross.   The fascination of watching my young son watching this guy on TV sculpt corny landscapes in less than 30 minutes.  His calm and muted delivery as he moved the brush over canvas and made little happy things from colored blots of oil on his palette.   It was pure joy expressed by the young son as this guy, Bob Ross, made magic things happen.   Bob Ross and the Cajun Chef Justin Wilson (testing the readiness of boiled pasta) were the hallmarks of Public Television for us at home.


I'd like to see Paris before I die... Philadelphia will do.
- W. C. Fields

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