Thursday, July 25, 2019

Fwd: Breaking News: Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello to resign after unrelenting protests

The Democrats should take their millions in so-far donated campaign treasure and bring a Puerto Rican force that camps out and protests in front of the White House and Mar a Lago.   Who knows?   It  May work.

Los Angeles Times
Jul 24, 2019

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello to resign Aug. 2 after unrelenting protests

Puerto Rico's besieged governor says he will resign Aug. 2 after more than 10 days of unrelenting public demands for him to step down, including a protest this week that was one of the largest in the island's history.

The ability of Gov. Ricardo Rossello to govern the U.S. territory had grown increasingly tenuous in the days since Puerto Ricans learned of leaked offensive messages between him and several top aides.

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