Friday, May 31, 2019

Something #10

So....this is the analysis of the exercise this morning.   The article in the LA Times about the option of censure went through, along with my brief introduction.  The political cartoon with no other material went through by itself with no problem.  The picture of Nancy Pelosi, by itself, went through OK.   However, the article, the intro, the cartoon, and Nancy in various combinations or in total did not make it through the Gmail Censor.   It seems that certain combinations of material are flagged and are prevented from being sent through Gmail.   Now.....who is making the the decision of what gets through?   Is it a laid-off programmer brought back for part-time work?   Is it an
 Artificial Intelligence program?  Or is it a Russian Bot?    We live in interesting times


Fascism is capitalism plus murder.
 - Upton Sinclair 

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