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Something to Know - 28 November

Jack Ohman Comic Strip for November 28, 2018

Much news has transpired since election eve, day, and the aftermath discussion about the "Blue Wave".   Trump is running around doing his thing, and mostly trying to cobble up support from his remaining staff and GOP leaders (mostly through fear).  Mueller is also slowly grinding away and cobbling up his neat little holiday gift for the executive branch.   Meanwhile, the political junkies and speculators are having a field day trying to predict where this is all going.   In the maelstrom of junkie's discussions, this gem came through.  It is a response to an individual (a Trumpite) who vomits the FOX news script on how liberals and progressives drink the feminine Kool Aid from the font of Maxine and Nancy - and the response should become the heart of the Dems agenda on peeling back the damage done the last few years.  The conversation comes from a 1962 college alum (Jim) and the glorious response from a 1962 college alum (Gomer); enjoy:


If you would offer a heartfelt apology to our classmates for your support of the ideas of Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, and for the nasty behavior of democrats questioning Supreme Court Justice Cavanaugh during his confirmation hearings, we might be able to discuss more, but really, after the attempted invasion of the Tijuana border yesterday by those who want to enter our country illegally,  maybe simply a kind word for our President would do.  He has, afterall, managed to keep law and order in spite of the Democrats.

At what point are you willing to recognize the urgent need for a secure southern-border wall to prevent more illegal aliens from swarming our country?  Our Border Patrol folks are catching at least 125 illegals a day trying to sneak into California, California's Central Valley has already been conquered by illegals, and the surge is on by Central Americans to invade illegally and take as many jobs away from our citizen-poor as possible.   Should California be a Sanctuary State?  Gov Moonbeam and the incoming guy might think so,   but  most of our Country folk thinks that's a nutty idea.

Jim (last name deleted)

Hi Jim,

Would you please explain what ideas of Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi require an apology. Is it their idea that everyone should receive health care when they need it? Is it their idea that our children and grandchildren should be able to attend college without being saddled with huge debts? Is it their idea that we need clean water, clean air and affordable public parks? Is it their idea that all citizens should be allowed to vote, and in districts that are not gerrymandered? Is it their idea that we need a comprehensive solution to our immigrant policies -- one that secures our borders, reinstates DACA, provides a path to citizenship for law-abiding immigrants who have lived here for many years and are integrated into our society and economy, cracks down hard on employers of illegal immigrants, and meets our international obligations to take in refugees? Is it their idea that we should not have an economy and tax system that steadily increases the ranks of billionaires while low income families find themselves homeless and struggling to feed their children -- in particular, their idea that we should raise the minimum wage to at least $15 (which is still way less in real dollars than the level that it was in 1970), and require the ultra wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes? (I found it really annoying when I found that I was paying taxes at a higher rate than Richard Nixon, and more recently that I was paying taxes at a substantially higher rate than Mitt Romney -- while my wife and I lived on the incomes of an engineer and a part-time college instructor.) Is it their idea that we should protect Social Security for our senior citizens who have worked hard their entire lives? Is it their idea that our elections should not be sold to the highest bidder? Is it their idea that we should continue working against job discrimination, housing discrimination, lending discrimination, law enforcement discrimination, etc., until they are no longer practiced? Is it their idea that students should no longer be ripped off by some for-profit colleges that take the money and don't provide the education? Is it their idea that we should be doing something about global warming, instead of leaving it to the other nations of the world? 

All of these are ideas that are espoused by Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, and opposed by President Trump and the Republicans in Congress. Which ones do you object to? Or are there other ideas of theirs you object to? If so, which ones? 

If you assume a priori that Kavanaugh was not a heavy drinker in his youth, and was not aggressive when he got drunk, and therefore he did not lie about it, then the behavior of Democrats during the hearings would seem nasty. If you assume that there is a genuine question about Kavanaugh's behavior and truthfulness, given the number of witnesses who have challenged them, then the behavior of Democrats during the hearing would seem like a genuine effort to discover the truth. I still regret that President Trump was not willing to let the FBI carry out a thorough investigation that likely would have settled the issue one way or the other. 

As you probably know, a very large section of the law enforcement community does not want police officers and other local officials to be forced to report any illegal immigrants they encounter to federal officials. Doing so would make it nearly impossible for them to carry out their law enforcement duties, because many victims of crime and many witnesses would refuse to cooperate with them. Moreover, the so-called sanctuary cities do not stop federal officials from enforcing federal laws -- in the same way that California is a sanctuary state for marijuana users, but California does not prevent federal officials from enforcing federal laws against marijuana if they really want to. 

I will say a kind word about President Trump. To quote from a birthday card I was once given, I think by our classmate Steve Montague, a roommate and very close friend, Trump does not kick dogs who wear glasses. 

Best regards, Gomer (last name not included)


"Yes, yes, but I bring that out in people. I do. I'm not saying that's an asset or a liability, but I do bring that out. ...I bring rage out. I do bring rage out. I always have."
- Candidate Donald J. Trump in April, 2016

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