Thursday, June 23, 2016

Something to Know - 23 June

Clay Bennett

Is what we are seeing on the House floor just a media event or is this a historical precedent that kicks start our democracy back to work?   There is going to be much discussion, no doubt.  But consider that the one of the things needed to bring some common sense back to this gun-loving and violent nation is to really get to the core of the problem.   Is it just a 2nd Amendment Constitution issue, or is it the rule of law set by the NRA and the Gun Industry.   While you ponder this, here is a video on this issue.   There are so many tactics available to defeat the pro-gun lobby.  The Will of the People will prevail.   A Sit-In by legislators is one way, and another example is taking on the gun industry in court:


Donald Trump and the National Rifle Association  aid and abet violence.

- An American Story

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