Monday, May 23, 2016

Jerry Rubin says ‘thank you’ to his caring and thoughtful friends, and will soon begin a 3-week ‘Health Fast for Healing and Recovery’.

From Jerry Peace Activist Rubin (sent from Santa Monica syndicate):

Dear Friends,
First, I just wanted to again deeply thank everyone for their support and 'get well' messages following the April 16 auto accident when a car hit me while I was crossing at a crosswalk near my Santa Monica residence.
I’m very grateful the accident wasn’t worse. 
It easily could have been much worse.
But it was bad enough.
And now, after 10 days in the hospital and a rehabilitation facility, weeks of pain killers, at-home physical therapy treatments, and much toxic stress, I’m finally off of anti-pain medication and am now getting around without using my previously needed walker. I’m also back staffing my bumper sticker peace table on the Santa Monica Third Street Promenade, and working every day to build up my endurance and fully heal my body. I’m still dealing with the stress and tension the accident caused, and am trying, through it all, to maintain a positive, hopeful and optimistic attitude.
I just wanted to let you know that I will soon be starting a 3-week liquid-only ‘Health Fast for Healing and Recovery’ and I am asking for your continued emotional support.
I will be starting my fast on May 31, the day after Memorial Day and will continue through the June 20Summer Solstice. The definition of ‘memorialize’ is “to do or create something that causes people to remember”. On my fast I certainly will be personally memorializing peace, healing, recovery and gratitude! And the Summer Solstice has often been thought of as a time for new beginnings as well as a time of intensity, renewal and great potential. 
But please do not worry about my fasting! I have,over the years,fasted many times for many good causes. I will be adding vitamins and minerals with my healthful drinks.
So,again, I offer much thanks for your caring, kindness and support. Your well wishes have already helped much in my healing and recovery!

Peace and gratitude,Jerry (just in case we are not yet facebook friends)

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