Sunday, August 16, 2015

Something to Know - 16 August

Jeff Danziger

It is 108 degrees here in Claremont.  Too hot to go outside, but plenty of time to catch up on reading a big backlog of saved and bookmarked articles.   This piece from today's NY Times is about Amazon - the Company run by Jeff Bezos, and its Seattle corporate office in particular.   This article would be of primary interest to those whose interests and background, and careers are, or have been, in Human Resources.  It is also of some interest to those who are consumers, and who have relied on the Internet Shopping experience of over the years.   About the kindest thing I can say, after reading this, is that Amazon is a great resource for shopping and buying stuff.  It probably is also great for a smart young person, just out of college to work long and hard for a very short time, gain experience, and go on to a job that won't kill you.  It is a long read, so I only pass on the web link:

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