Tuesday, June 9, 2015

PBS Documentary of Indie Film "1971"

I just watched this TV this program "1971", which is an Indie production about the anti-war protest movement during the Vietnam War.   It is about a group of individuals who broke into the FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania and stole documents, which were later mailed to media outlets (Washington Post for one).  The documents contained sensitive information about the FBI's efforts to infiltrate anti-war groups, and other actions by the FBI to gather information and foment false information about the anti-war movement.   This program was skillfully done and has interviews with most of the 8 people who were involved in the break-in of the FBI office, and who were never caught.  What the documents revealed later became the subject of a Senate investigation of the FBI (The Church Commission), and sent a spike deep into the heart of J. Edgar Hoover and the Nixon administration.  You might have to do a bit of further website linking after initially linking on the below URL, but you should be able to see the entire program, which will expire from viewing on the Internet in about a week or so.



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