Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bernie Sanders Announces 2016 candidacy

What Would Juan Matute Say? (WWJMS?)

Bernie Sanders has declared his candidacy for the Democratic nomination in the 2016 presidential race. Unfortunately, J5 is still on a boat (and now he's in the segment of his cruise where he's got six consecutive days of no Internet), so you guys are stuck with me for your commentary. So it goes.

From Senator Sanders's Facebook page

Currently Mr. Sanders is a senator for the state of Vermont, a position he ran for as an Indepedent. He surprised some by making a run for the Democratic nomination.  He's mostly a socialist, and leans waaaay further left than presumed frontrunner Hillary Rodham Clinton. Because my knowledge of politics is mostly intensely local (the kind I lose sleep over), I am deferring to our friend Kyle for analysis. Kyle says that a Sanders candidacy could be interesting for an array of reasons, the first one being that he would also push Clinton further left. This could be seen a boon to America's remaining progressives.

It's unlikely Sanders would win any of the early primaries, but then again, he's pulled other surprises. Politico reported that he said "don't underestimate me" on an appearance of "This Week" (ABC).

I'm not exactly sure what my father-in-law would say except to cut/copy/paste whatever Andy Borowitz has to say.

On Thursday, Mr. Borowitz's headline read:

Hillary Expected to Adopt All of Sanders’s Positions by Noon.

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