Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Taking a Break


To all my friends and readers (or at least recipients) of my "Something to Know" messages, I will be away from internet access and unable to send much of anything.   My wife and I, and my college room mate and his wife, are off to Singapore and will board a 45-day cruise to many lands and ports of call that we have been planning for a while.   We will return some time in middle May.   There should be plenty of stuff happening, so keep up with the news.   If any of you are wondering what a 45-day cruise looks like and does, this is a link.   This is actually a good way to visit some places I have never been to before, and probably never will return to visit.  It is impossible to even get to really know the people and places in these short ports of call,  but going by boat is a whole lot less hassle than air travel, and my wife and I are ex-airline employees with travel benefits (if you want to call them that these days with all planes being full year-round).   Once on the ship, the bags and stuff are all unpacked, and there is no more packing and unpacking until the boat ride is over.   No checking in and out of hotels at each city.  No chasing around for transportation and worrying about getting ripped off by unscrupulous cabbies, and no worries about where you are going to go for your next meal.   Meet new people, read and discuss, and relax, and then go-go-go on a new shore excursion - it is all good.   The aim is to stay on the boat as long as you can afford it.   We travel in the cabins that have little windows just above the water line - nothing fancy.   Try it - you'll like it.

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