Saturday, November 22, 2014

Something to Know - 22 November

Mike Luckovich

1.  The Executive Action to Reform Immigration has been announced, and will be deployed.   There seems to exist a sense of  exactly what it will do, and how it will work.  Over a period of time, I will try to find articles that will speak to those concerns.  Here is one today from the NY Times about the City of Albertville, Alabama - just west of the state line from Georgia and not far from Atlanta.   First of all, we need to understand that the undocumented are living all over this country.   Any place where there is a need for unskilled working hands (agriculture, meat packing, carpet industry, clothing manufacturing, etc), paying low wages and sub-OSHA working conditions, the undocumented filled those needs.   Over a period of time, and living in the shadows, the undocumented migrated to every state of the Union, and into small businesses and small towns as well as big urban areas.   They are part of the fabric of every community.   During the middle of the week, they are probably 50% of the Palos Verdes Peninsula or Silicon Valley, cleaning, trimming, and fixing things.   In this case, they are in the shadows of a tiny little enclave in the middle of the bible belt.   The concerns are probably universal, but more reflective of a small Southern town:

2.  Can someone please wrap this up in a pretty package and deliver it to House Chairman Issa for Christmas:

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