Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Something to Know - 11 November

Last night, I attended a lecture given by Luis Hernandez Navarro, who is a writer/editor for a well read and respected newspaper in Mexico.   The assembly room was filled to the brim with interested listeners.   The subject matter concerned the issue of the missing/murdered students in Iguala, Mexico, in the state of Guerrero.   I bring this matter up for you to know, since we are not getting the full story.  Guerrero is one of the most-corrupt and vicious states in Mexico, and exemplifies the nation's problem with Narco-Trafficking.   Money from the flow of drugs to the USA, through and from Mexico is the cause.  Too-level officials in the federal government all the way down to menial bureaucrats in the poorest of towns are smeared with the poison of corruption.  Today, the streets in Mexico are filled with regular citizens who have had enough ("Basta").   The killings and the disappeared have been going on for a multitude of decades.   On the 20th of November, there is going to be a National Day of Protest.   I'm giving you this heads up, and this article from today's LA Times, so that you can spool up to what is happening to our neighbor to the south of us.   This is affecting the sentiments of Latinos on both sides of the border.  Please take the time to keep up with this issue:


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