Monday, July 28, 2014

Coming up with a concoction to get Congress to agree on something (transportation related)

Good riddance. Over here in transportation-land, we have been watching to see when/if/what it would take for Congress to renew or extend the National Highway Trust. Though it's got the word 'highway' in it, we in transit also rely on it, for it includes funds to subsidize public transit. No Highway Trust = things get rough.

Anyway, it looks like the Fund will be extended during the lame duck session. The NY Times came up with a concoction/cocktail to tide us over called The Bipartison Compromise: "a cocktail nobody enjoys but serves the bare minimum purpose of getting you drunk", that includes 'offsets' with mixers. 

The Bipartisan Compromise
1.5 oz Everclear
0.5 oz port (any kind)
Egg white

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