Friday, June 27, 2014

Something to Know - 27 June

Mike Luckovich

1.  David Brooks usually contributes a worthwhile read.  This one is no exception.  No attempt to define an an appropriate introduction is possible in one sentence:

2.  This story points out the hypocrisy of a group of people who take their attempt to resolve medical issues on their own, but who are rebuffed and criminalized by a nation and lawmaker hellbent on locking them up:

3.  Located deep in the trash pit of Fox News, probably somewhere in the cracks of the couch upon which the Goons of Fox pontificate, there is a rascal of a pest known as Ann Coulter. This Trans-Gender Rush Limbaugh pops up now and then to the delight of Roger Ailes's  definition of the Theater of the Absurd:

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