Monday, May 19, 2014

Something to Know - 20 May

Clay Bennett
1.  Capitalism.  It is a name for a system of economic that can be used to spur development and growth.  It is also a tool to abuse - and is now stealthily employed by the scions of Capitalism.   Where Unions have now been cleverly demonized to almost extinction, nothing is ever said about the collective union of greedy businesses who gather to promote and buy elected officials to impose draconian work rules on their employees.   Where and when will this abuse be recognized by the docile electorate who are lulled into believing that sucking the life out of the workers of the supply chain is better for the consumer?   Those at the short end of the stick have nowhere to go right now for relief, other than the ballot box.  And who is going to get them to the ballot box?  You, that's who.....not someone else:

2.  Republican leadership in Congress is nothing more than a state of mind of permanent obstructionism - plain and simple.   It goes to work to spend as little time on anything meaningful, making a mockery of the legislative mission, and wasting everyone's time and a vast treasure of resources:

3.  A couple of Republicans got to talking the other day, and basically said that a loving family relationship between a man and a woman will transcend all problems of poverty.   The implication is that tough times can be overcome by that spirit, and anybody not meeting those qualifications can go suck eggs:

4.  Timothy Geithner is running around promoting his new book "Stress Test", and holding himself up as a good guy who helped save the US Economy.   As expected, Paul Krugman takes exception, and with good reason.  Geithner is one, like many, who thinks that the stability and strength of our economy is based on the stability and strength of our Wall Street Banking system.   Nobelist Krugman believes that the sign of strength is based on how well those on the bottom rung are doing.  As of now, the bottom rung is hanging out to dry, and anyone who ignores the failings to shore up the bottom is not connected to reality:

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