Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Something to Know - 4 February


1.  As more interesting details emerge from the Christ Christie "Bridgegate", we begin to know more about the manner of "normal" New Jersey style politics.  The shame is that it is not only how Christie governs with Federal money for his own advancement, but that some of this exists in almost all corners of our city, county, and state locations.   It is now more visible and convenient to point to, because the King of Bacon in New Jersey looks like a selfish, unethical, bully, much to the delight of his fellow Republicans who are posturing and elbowing for the 2016 GeeOpie presidential nomination:

2.  Change of Pace.  David Brooks offers up his opinion on how human beings are to co-exist with computers.  Computers are great for taking care of the necessary administrative tasks, but that only a real human being can strategically lead and direct the big picture.  If this is important to you, and if your future esteem is in the balance, read on.  If you are too tired to even figure out how your TV remote works, or how a Smart Phone can direct you through traffic, just relax and compose another letter to the editor on your IBM Selectric Typewriter:

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
-- Steve Jobs

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