Friday, December 20, 2013

Something to Know - 20 December

1.  Jenny Beth Martin, with whom I had some email jousts several years ago, is the darling founder of the Tea Party Patriots from Woodstock. Georgia.  In this piece from the NY Times, she is offering up some sour taste from her skirmishes with the GeeOpie.   She offers up a bunch of ideology, but runs nothing about the very negative actions of her extreme zealots whose mission is to shut the government down.   It is ironic that she ends her column by quoting Kurt Vonnegut, who really had no bond with these folks:

2.  In keeping with the theme developed above, the Palin wing of the GeeOpie finds no shame in their climb to get aboard the Duck Dynasty Train.  If this is the substantive strength of a political campaign, they are doomed.  Perhaps the real muscle behind A&E's action is based on the opinions of the advertisers, with some deference to not supporting homophobia by the producers.  It makes great theater:

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