Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Something to Know - 18 February


1.  Steve Lopez goes down to one day in the life of SeƱora Carmen Mendoza and how she is driven to try and make sure that he family can live the American Dream.  She has not car, so she is driven by the Metro LA bus system.  It is a very difficult life, and is typical of those who have long days in search of a better life:

2.  Where is the Tea Party going?   The old, white, and angry are gathering in groups, as reported in this piece, bolstered by the Koch empire.   How it plays out with the mainstream GOP (which is re-emerging) remains to be seen:

3.  This, from the New Yorker, offers a closer look at the ruling by Judge Richard Leon, who has put forward his action that has stopped the movement by two presidents and the NSA to snoop on ALL of our electronic messaging because it goes against the rights set forth in our Constitution:

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