Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Today's Tea Bagger Plea

After you read through all the mis-information and vitriol from the Tea Baggers, you can take away that they are now accepting ObamaCare as a law....with the operative warning to their fellow "patriots" that ".....if it is allowed to take full effect....".  In other words, it is going to happen, now the fight is to take something away from it.....anything.   Just send them money, to continue the fight.   So, in the aftermath, the Tea Party will be able to claim victory because their efforts prevented full-effects of the law....just send money (because their big money baggers are not so happy with them):

Dear Patriot,

Over the weekend, we alerted you to a crucial fundraising goal that we MUSTmeet to continue and accelerate our aggressive online and TV ad campaign.

And right now, we are still $29,327.60 short of our goal.

Donate Now!

Please, make the most generous contribution you possibly can to Tea Party Patriots right away to help us cover the cost of this crucial ad campaign.

You see, with your help, we met and surpassed our initial goal of $65,000 in just a few days' time.

We were able to produce and run aggressive ads all over the country, pummeling the Obamacare-defending liberals in Congress.

But the left-wing interest groups defending Obamacare have struck back, and struck back hard.

Which is why we must raise an additional $29,327.60 to keep up with them, and why we need your help right away.

Please, do whatever you can.

As you know, nearly three weeks ago, the Republican leadership courageously held the line on Obamacare by passing a resolution that would fund government but would withhold funding from this Big Government disaster.

And since then, they have offered even more generous compromises to Harry Reid, Barack Obama, and their liberal allies.

But these left-wing Democrats are absolutely committed to Obamacare. They were willing to shutdown the government to save this nightmare of a program, and they've kept it shut down ever since.

That's where Tea Party Patriots comes in.

Our hard-hitting video ads are reaching our fellow grassroots patriots from coast to coast, both online and on TV in crucial states represented by vulnerable Obamacare-defending Senators.

Donate Now!

These ads are the most effective way for us to quickly and efficiently rally the anti-Obamacare grassroots pressure that will force these politicians to defy Harry Reid and vote to stop this disaster!

But to keep them going, we must raise this remaining $29,327.60. Please, give whatever you can right away.

We've come way too far in this fight to give up when the going gets tough.

And defeat is simply not an option. If Obamacare is allowed to fully take effect, it will threaten the very idea of American liberty and prosperity as we know it.

We simply can't accept anything less than total victory, which is why we urge you to give whatever you can right now to help fund this crucial ad campaign.

Your generous gift of $5, $10, $25, or more will be instantly processed by our online system, meaning that you will be making an immediate difference in this fight.

So please, don't wait a minute longer. Please, give whatever you can right now to help us keep the pressure on the pro-Obamacare liberals in Congress.

Thank you so much for your help.

Donate Now!

For Liberty,

The Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

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