Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Something to Know - 8 October

Stuart Carlson
1.  With respect to the next confrontation, regarding the debt ceiling, an interesting history around the 14th Amendment, and its application to preserve the Constitution is a good read for now.  If it was not such a serialized sad soap opera, the current insane action by a splintered and wounded GOP reflects the underbelly of our democracy:

2.  To the world, the behavior of the GeeOpie in the House of Representatives is silly, stupid, and damaging to the world's economy.  The problem created by the small group of Tea Baggers is the result of small-minded ignorant boobs, whose only global perspective ends at the edge of their gerrymandered congressional districts, and no farther.  Stupid is as stupid does:

3.  Here's a nice journal about the daily life of the Speaker of the House.  Too bad there is no mention of his purported boozing to add to the mix:

4.  Putting all the above links together, we need to settle on a rational explanation of what is going on.  To do that we turn to the Washington Post and Dan Balz:

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