Friday, August 23, 2013

Fwd: Sean Hannity: Stand Up to John McCain and Stop Obamacare

Something to Know - 

This is how bad it is getting out on the fringe of the extreme.  Sean Hannity has, of late, been slipping in his audience rating, and has lost his anchor spot on Fox to someone else.  So, his only solace is to find comfort with the Tea Baggers who are currently on a rampage against anything that resembles sympathy to sympathy.  Here is what was in my mail box this morning - DESPERATION !!

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Subject: Sean Hannity: Stand Up to John McCain and Stop Obamacare

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**A Special Message from Sean Hannity**

Dear Patriot,

Tea Party Patriots is going toe-to-toe with John McCain, Lindsey Graham and the rest of the moderate Republicans who don't want to stop Obamacare.

These inside-the-beltway compromisers let Barack Obama exempt big business from Obamacare. Then, they exempted themselves. But they refuse to exempt you and me!

That's why I've made it my personal mission to help Jenny Beth Martin and Tea Party Patriots raise the money they need to win this battle to Exempt America from Obamacare!

Please, make an urgent generous contribution of $15, $25, $50, or whatever you can afford immediately to help fund Tea Party Patriots' Exempt America from Obamacare campaign.

I believe every Tea Party supporter out there has a moral obligation to assist this anti-Obamacare offensive in the Senate.

Senators Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz are leading the fight to stop this mess.

But "moderate" Republicans like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Richard Burr are fighting them!

Conservatives want to strip Obamacare out of the upcoming government funding bill.

But Senator Burr of North Carolina has told the press that "I think this is the dumbest idea I've ever heard." Lindsey Graham said stopping Obamacare was "a bridge too far." John McCain says it's a "nonstarter."

These senators actually believe that keeping this horrible law is politically popular!

And that's why Tea Party Patriots is trying to fight back by launching this massive grassroots Exempt America campaign.

But they can't do it without your help. They're going to need a major influx of resources if they're going to go toe to with the Republican political establishment!

Please, make the very best gift you can today.

So far this year, the IRS mess and all the battles over taxes, gun control, and immigration have put a major dent in Tea Party Patriots' budget.

And right this minute, Tea Party Patriots is running TV ads all over the country to inform uninformed Americans about the IRS's targeted harassment of American citizens.

But they're getting ready for their biggest offensive yet – a massive, day-long rally on the steps of the Capitol the day that Congress returns from the summer recess.

That's why I am calling on you today.

I hope you'll join me in making this historic rally a day to remember.

We can't let the Washington "ruling class" get away with this! They MUST Exempt America from Obamacare!

As a personal favor to me, please make the very best gift you can to Tea Party Patriots right away.

This truly is an emergency.

Tea Party Patriots is readying the logistics, the advertising, the equipment, and the transportation they'll need to make this massive rally a success.

They're partnering with several other major national conservative grassroots organizations.

But Jenny Beth Martin and Tea Party Patriots desperately need your financial help to make this rally the bombshell that it needs to be.

I've seen Tea Party Patriots execute some amazing events, and I'm confident that they can do it again this fall - but only if you help them.

Remember, career politicians like John McCain, Richard Burr and Lindsey Graham are going all out to protect Obamacare. They believe that giving Barack Obama what he wants and standing up to the Tea Party is good politics.

We must show them they are wrong. We must demand that they Exempt America from this disaster!

Tea Party Patriots is going to fight to the last gasp to get these Senators in line, but they can't do it without your help.

They urgently need the necessary funding to put this plan into action.

Please, don't let me down. Don't let John McCain and his go-along-to-get-along buddies in the Senate save Obamacare.

Make the very best contribution you can right away.

Thank you in advance for all your help, and may God bless America!

For Freedom,

Sean Hannity

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