Monday, June 10, 2013

Something to Know - 10 June

Ben Sargent
1.  While I keep trying to get my arms around all this business of the loss of our privacy and the real explosion of intrusion by the "Patriot Act" on steroids, here is something that I think we can all understand - this Cheerios cereal commercial.  Here in California, this is just a normal commercial.   Where I used to live in Georgia, this is something that quiets a room when a bi-racial couple walks into a restaurant or any public gathering.  Some people grow up, other taken a bit longer, and some never do mature:

2.  EJ Dionne has this wonderful article that delves into the world of Libertarians.  Libertarians are always around, have some great ideas, and stick to some solid principles.  But did any of you wonder why it is that they have never taken control of any form of political control on any government? (Well, Somalia might be an exception).  Have a good read:

3.  Mr. Putin in Russia is exerting some Stalinist power moves, and it is unnerving, to say the least.   Here are two links that portray his dark deeds.  How much he can get away with without pushback remains to be seen:

4.  Bill Keller, on the board of trustees of Pomona College, takes us into the issue of affirmative action in puts it into the perspective of class as well as ethnicity, instead of just ethnicity.   Diversity is the key, and rules have to be expanded:

5.  California fires are just as much headline news as hurricanes and tornadoes.  Aside from the drama of dive-bombing fire retardant air tankers, there is a mysterious aura left behind by the menacing destruction by the flame and glowing landscape at night.  From our Walteria News bureau, we have this pictures:

"We could have saved the Earth but we were too damned cheap."
-- Kurt Vonnegut

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