Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Something to Know - 22 May

Rob Rogers
1.  Syria is making bedfellows not commonly common.  Russia and the USA have separate but equal issues at stake, and this is making it difficult to try and form assistance to either side of the conflict.   Go figure what needs to be done, and you arrive at the conclusion that it is either hopeless or a real mess:

2.  Yes, on the face of it, outrage on the Justice Department peeking at phone records and related material belonging to Associated Press reporters is justified.  However, as the issue settles down to a look at facts and related reasons, there may be more that we should take into account.   This is that story:

3.  This WashPost article takes the above NY Times editorial and gives the story more depth, breadth, and more to digest:

4.  The name "Koch" does not inspire great patriotism or love to your average Progressive Liberal.   Public Television (PBS) does,  This story about PBS bowing to the power of money by David Koch, will irritate you.  I may also cause you to cancel out on the next plea for donations and support to your local PBS TV channel:

5.  The Power of Big Energy has found a way into the White House (apparently) to the point that the Obama administration seems poised to sign on to the Exxon-Mobil written rules on Fracking.   If #4 did not make you ill, this on will:

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