Thursday, April 4, 2013

Something to Know - 5 April

Ben Sargent
1.  Well, someone had to suggest it, and here it is.  It is an op-ed from the NY TImes that suggests that we should seek to RE-WRITE the 2nd Amendment.  Okay, gun nuts, don't go crazy now.   Just read the article, and see what the writer says.  Any re-write cannot be any better than what we have now, and perhaps it will clear up some things and make more people happy.  All I know is that what we have now is an abomination:

2.  Every time that the Republicans take one step forward in initiating words and phrases on how the need to and will change their style and appearance to appeal to the class of voters who they need to gain in order to win elections, the GOP takes 3 steps backward.  Case in point - their new darling Ben Carson, who no longer is their rising star:

3.  David Brooks enters into the continuing discussion on Online Education.   Unfortunately, too many people are of the thought that this is really the new age of education and that all our prayers for effective and cheap education are being answered.  Not so fast, mon frère.  For certain technical subjects, it does make itself available to anyone who wants to use a computer to go to school.  However, we must keep in mind, that as the subject matter approaches the arts, literature, and humanities, there is no substitute for lecture, questioning, and deep discussion, only available in a classroom format.  The limitations of online teaching/learning must be clearly understood before too much is expected of it:

"If you disagree with something I write, tell me so, argue with me, correct me - but don't tell me to shut up. That's not the American way."

— Roger Ebert

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