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Something to Know - 26 March


I have been a bit behind lately in getting news stories out.  There are several causes, all of which you really should not care about.  However, I must say that I am disgusted with Congress and its lack of concern for the public will.  I am sick of Republicans thinking that they are earnestly re branding their party and fixing what is wrong  (they aren't), and as a result. I am not getting much to be excited about, so not much strikes my fancy to pass on.  However, I have been collecting a few pieces here and there this past week, in hopes that the energy level rises.  So, let's try and see what is going on:

1. Last week was the 10th anniversary of Bush's screw up in Iraq.   So, like many articles asking, what did we learn?: 

2.  So, taking the above discussion to a debate, here are several opinions which concentrate on the worthiness of the United States going to war in Iraq....this gets really disgusting:

3.  If you have not been able to form an opinion from the above two entries, take it from this guy, who really is disgusted with Bush and the whole panel of liars (Rice, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush, etc.):

4.  An example of the disgust with the Republicans, is that on one side, they are all Kumbaya with Hispanics and reformation for the Latino vote, and then one of their idiots pulls this stunt.  Their comprehension of their problems is laughable:

5.  The NY Times editorial attempts to lay out the necessity for Immigration Reform in idealistic terms.   However, the Republicans just can't get their arms around the whole concept.   The GOP likes to get all of the benefits from an undocumented work force that gives their constituents cheap and no hassle labor, but does not want to confer any path to legal status.  It scares them.  It scares the Republican Party because it appears that minorities tend to register and vote because they are appreciative of their naturalized status, and they vote for Democrats, and that scares the shit of the the Republicans, so they don't want to let them vote....plain and simple:

6.  This article concerns personal freedoms and laws that seek to curtail behavior to prevent others from harming themselves.   It is a lively subject, and this article dances around the concept of the "nanny state".   However, I firmly believe that at a certain point, it is incumbent that silly, stupid, and harmful behavior which some classify as all okay because it is within range of one's "personal freedom" there has to be a limit.  When one's harmful behavior costs the rest of us money, then we need to enact public policy to minimize the cost of taking care of problems that ne'er-do-wells bring upon themselves.  People who have no health care insurance get really sick and wind up in emergency hospitals, and we really end up paying those costs.   Same with people who are obese and in poor health.....they cost us dearly in the long run:

7.  A great old Democrat, by the name of Tip O'Neil, once said that "....all politics is local", and that really has not changed.   While the PooBahs at the top of the Republican Party extol the virtues of themselves coming to grips and fixing what ails them (even though some of them do not demonstrate that), it is in the local trenches that the Republicans continue to be the party of stupid.   It is disgusting to watch and listen.  Here's on for you:


"A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that works."
       -- John Gaule

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