Friday, March 1, 2013

Something to Know - 2 March

 Clay Bennett
1.  I think that a way to bring home the message that Republicans are not legislating or voting with the general will of the people is to call our current 2013 Congress on the way it votes.   We need to use this information to target those in 2014, and call those out who are contrary to the progressive attempts to move this country forward.   For example, here is the break down of the voting positions on the Violence Against Women Act taken recently.  Note who voted Yea and Nay:
A. In the Senate:

B.  In the House: (the House clerks have not yet assembled a media release of the "yea and nay" roll call - I guess Boehner is suppressing it for the momen)

2.  Dick Cavett would like you to know that he is not totally on board with all the thank-yous on Oscar Night.  If this is not up your alley, go back to #1 and memorize all the names who are not on board:

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