Sunday, March 10, 2013

Something to Know - 11 March

Jeff Danziger
1.  This is a simple explanation on some issues being bandied about regarding "entitlements" and austerity measures contemplated by conservatives on budgets and spending.   A clearer understanding is needed so that dark misconceptions can be both detected and  and be deflected:,0,1391250,print.column

2.  From hints and debate subject matter, it would appear that the Keystone XL Pipeline may be favorably regarded by the Obama administration.  That is disappointing.  Greenhouse gases, fracking, and pipeline leaks to process a sludge from Canada to refineries in the Gulf States to be sold to international markets does not seem like a very smart and wise thing.   Also, accepting this risk, to me at least, opens the door for for public policy to accept the Monterey Shale alliance as another "entitlement".   With 15.7 billion barrels of oil (in the form of shale oil) under the waters of the Pacific, we just have more pollution and climate harm to air and water to oppose.  It is not a good prospect for anyone:

3.  This WashPost opinion agrees in part to the Steven Brill article in Time Magazine on the high pricing by of medical providers (hospitals and big pharma).   The article goes on to challenge Mr. Brill, that Medicare is responsible for the high pricing because of the cost-advocate policy it takes in what it pays to the providers.   You be the judge of what is being written, but for me, I can't really fathom the fact that hospitals want to charge me $22.50 for 63 cent pill, just because they can.   How about all of those who are NOT on Medicare, and who have no advocate (no health insurance or Medicare), of which there are millions - they have to pay those ridiculous costs, and wind up going belly up and foreclosed on:

4.  Well, at least the NY Times is not in favor of the issue in #2 above.   They have better reasons than I articulated, but it's still the same old issues that have been repeated over and over again:

"Everyone rises to their level of incompetence."
       -- Laurence J. Peter

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