Monday, February 4, 2013

Something to Know - 5 February


1.  Wayne LaPerriere is not a very truthful person, or very consistent in his opinions.   His behavior shows that his character varies according to the politics of his allegiance to the gun industry:

2.   One of the more sinister forms of corporate cancer to enter the scene lately is the Prisons-for-Profit industry.   Yes, that is corporate America taking over the management of our correctional systems, as opposed to state, county, and city systems run by the public.  Oh, the arguments are all the same - cheaper, less burden and less burden on the public.  However, the outcomes are eventually the same: less correctional and more warehousing; lack of professionalism, cheap employee tactics, and minimum wage dead-end jobs.  Here is the latest ploy - to squeeze out more profit:

3.  There is a last ditch effort being put forth to cast Richard Nixon in better light and legacy than currently exists.  I say HELL NO!.  As the the former great cartoonist for the LA Times, Paul Conrad, the best light Tricky Dick should have is the light that his corpse currently enjoys in his grave, at 6-feet under:

4.  Bill Keller presents the best possible scenario for getting the Immigration Reform Bill passed through the House.   Marginalization of the anti-forces on the right as the path to destruction of the GOP is the path to clearing the political hurdle for reform:

5.  David Brooks presents us with an interesting prospective on how for the following year he is going to pay more attention to the use of data in interpreting our/his observations.  It's kind of like the first path to getting a grip on the validity of Science to explain the world around us.   Hey, and there is no mention of politics here; very nice:

6.  Steve Lopez goes into his narrative and opinion on the Diocese of the LA Catholic Church and its prime-time show of drama, and now finger pointing and petty spats.  It really is a miserable display of a horrible weakness and disreputable conduct:


I believe in God, only I spell it Nature.

 by Frank Lloyd Wright

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