Friday, February 15, 2013

Something to Know - 16 February

   Jeff Danziger
1.  Elizabeth Warren, now Senator, is on the Banking Committee.  She was opposed by Wall Street and Republicans in her election, and then faced massive opposition from the financially connected banks and Republicans for her placement on the Banking Committee.   Here is one reason:

2.  Reducing costs through various methods is quite possible and inevitable.  For example, my current primary doctor greets me with his iPad, and enters whatever he needs in our meeting into an application, and it gets stored on a server with all my other records.  If I need a prescription, it is entered on his iPad, and automatically sent to the pharmacy...without the need of anyone having to fill out a form.   There is so much digital technology available right now, that EKGs, ultra sounds, and vital tests can be done with something as simple as a Smart Phone.   Let's move forward:

3.  Continuing on with technology, here is one snooper with the use of drones.  As you recall, we were basically totally unprepared with no intelligence on the Middle East, specifically Iran, Iraq and Pakistan when we blundered into that region under the Bush/Cheney regime.  Having boots on the ground in the form of non-military observers who can get a pulse of the politics and ways of society, is probably the biggest intelligence factor, but the drone technology for gathering images is right up there.  You need to note the difference between drones as weapons and drones as cameras to appreciate the use for intelligence:

4.  This is an interesting story about an ad (Farmers) that appeared with all the other Super Bowl messages:

5.  Gail Collins equates the behavior of McCain and Graham to the crew of the Carnival Triumph:


The United States is a nation of laws: badly written and randomly enforced.

 by Frank Zappa

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