Monday, January 21, 2013

Something to Know -

Stuart Carlson
1.  It is very easy (easy for me) to be swept up by the moment of today and the emotions of the 2nd Inaugural of Barack Obama.  Yes, I was there at the mall - about 80 yards from the podium - for the 1st in 2009.  It was a highlight for me.   I would have to say that the significance of the 1st Inaugural was of the symbolism of having the first person of color elected as President.   That was a big deal for this history of this country.  I would have to say that this time, for the 2nd, it is about political power.  As has been said....Barack Obama is the deal with it.   This Thom Hartmann article speaks to the behavior the the losing opposition who, in its conspiratorial manner, chooses to deny that this political power exists:

2.  David Brooks starts off okay, and then he forgets that he is not the one who was inaugurated.  He tends to forget that Wall Street brought us some semblance of disaster, several times, and almost dumped us over completely.  However, he ends up accepting the fact that Obama is the President, and that he will have to deal with it:

3.  Where Mr. Brooks fell short, his employer has written this editorial that puts into perspective the impact of the 44th President's inaugural speech:


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