Sunday, January 27, 2013

Something to Know - 27 January

Jeff Danziger
1.   This is a presentation for improving our design, production, and manufacturing system for many of our consumer products that are currently made in China.  Move it all to Mexico (or back to Mexico).   The points of argument presented here make very good sense.  From an environmentalist perspective, it also reduces the carbon footprint in so many ways:

2.  The city of Los Angeles is a very diverse and always changing dynamics of demographics.  Take for instance the constant movement of minorities who move and expand into the turf of another ethnic domain.  It is always happening.  Asians are moving in greater numbers into high income Anglo neighborhoods, very subtly and without overt discomforts.  However, African-Americans and Hispanics are having a hell of a rotten go of it.  Compton, California once was taken for granted as a totally Black city.  However, the increasing numbers of Hispanics are finding housing and prices available in the same areas, and are moving into Black neighborhoods, and the impact of the two groups is not going well - and it plays out in the gangs of the two groups.  Turf wars are getting ugly and dangerous.  Brown-Black violence is more overt and getting to be more frequent:

3.  The next time that the anti-Obama cranks out about him being the big spender and deficit maker, let them in on this fact.  Obama is the stingiest president since Dwight Eisenhower.   Forbes magazine present the facts (Yes, Forbes and is Steve Forbes):

4.  Here is a reading assignment, and I hope you do not pass it up, since it is an education on the current state of government of South Africa.  After Apartheid, Nelson Mandela's ascension to power was not in itself a guarantee that the ANC (African National Congress) had everything to make things run smoothly and justly.  No, great problems were present, and are still there, to this day.  This Bill Keller article on the emergence of someone, who appears to be the answer to the need for the first power broker to get the country online to real stability is something you should read.  It is long, so take your time, and absorb it:

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