Saturday, December 1, 2012

Something to Know - 2 December


1.  Remember the guy who lost the election.??...Witt Millard Romfoot...or something like that....    Anyway, someone wrote an article about what he is up to these days.  You might be interested:

2.  Do you remember Ralph Nader?  Well, he's come up with a suggestion on the raising of revenue as we face this "fiscal cliff" obstacle.  It is a simple concept, and a very negligible impact.  It is like a transaction tax on each dollar spent in the purchase or sale of a stock, bond, or other financial instrument.  Mr. Nader describes how it should work, and takes into consideration the pros and cons as he makes his presentation.  You should read it:

3.  The Affordable Care Act concept of providing necessary primary health care to 30 million people who previously had none is a great step forward for this nation.  However, the concept needs a method of providing care where our current health care system is not ready, is not able, or in some cases refuses to comply, with being ready willing and able.   There is however, a business model that proves that there is a working system right now within the VA hospitals that shows that it can be done:

4.  We've had more than an earful of talk (mostly from some cranky old guy from Arizona) about how UN Ambassador Susan Rice is unfit to be our next Secretary of State.  That being said, here is an op-ed piece that is in support of Ms. Rice and addresses the very concerns that have been discussed about her:


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