Sunday, November 4, 2012

Something to Know - 5 November

Creators of political attack ads have sullied the 2012 presidential campaign

1.   It's getting to be that those Tea Baggers who hang on the edge of the extremist right-wing view on Women and Health commit political suicide every time they open their small minds through their mouths:

2.  1.  Women have stuck a chord with the political scene on the their historic lack of equal compensation for the same work as men.   You will get a real kick out of the same application of unfairness as it was experimented on monkeys:

3.  It is apparent that the right wing and Charles Krauthammer are visibly upset at the prospect that Romney is going to lose.  The commentary is desperate and full of fabrication and lies.  It is difficult for them to accept this possibility and the vitriol that pukes through their publications is the agonizing slither of a decadent defeat:

4.  Maureen Dowd looks at both presidential candidates as they are ending their long roads to the finish.   It is a tiring grind, and gives the President high marks for having the inner strength to hang in there as he stretches deep down to reveal who  he is and his character.  Romney does not have this reservoir of inner strength.  All he seems to have is is this blind ambition to become president just do assuage his ego, but he does not bring the depth of character to support that agenda:

5.  Willard does not have the hubris and gravitas to work to give women their due.  Is this based on his business experience, or his Mormonism?  Who knows?  You cannot tell by his pandering suggestions, such as his "binders of women" pronouncement.  All we know is that he " believes in America", which is about as deep in concept as a snail's trail on a sheet of glass:

6.  In the approaching legislative session where Immigration Reform must surely occur, here is but one small step that could and should be implemented to create a win/win climate for all concerned.  It is a small step, but this mirrors similar action take when the military created a beginning platform for minorities in the past:

7.  As the mining of natural gas continues in residential territory, the concerns over pollution are valid.   It is a real concern that the test results that show poisons and toxic substances are withheld from public knowledge.  Is Big Energy so powerful that it can hide the truth?   We should be fearful that it is:

8.  RUPERT MURDOCH: If Chris Christie Doesn't 'Re-Declare' For Mitt Romney, He'll Be Blamed For His Loss.  This is the same Rupert Murchoch who compromised journalism in the UK, created FOX News, and is just an all-around moral turd:

9.  The NY Times editorial confirms, as if we did not know, that the RomRyan plan is to give tax breaks to the wealth .3%  and to raise the tax burden on the middle income class.  Not fair:

10.  Paul Krugman puts the difference between the GOP neglect of FEMA and the Democrat's strengthening of FEMA into perspective.   Using Katrina and Sandy as the models, there is the difference between the Republicans philosophy that Government is not to run interference and lead where the states are unable to handle the big deals.  Democrats, on the other hand recognize that government at times is the only agency able to respond and to lead a disaster to recovery and to problem solve where a battered state has been weakened beyond imagination:


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