Monday, November 19, 2012

Something to Know - 20 November


Not sure what caption this should have - maybe you can come up with one.  I just think it it proves that this guy should remain in doors at all times.

1.  To some Republican governors, the sour grapes and failure to accept the election results is offering them a path to continue to subvert the Affordable Care Act.  Hoping that Romney was going to win, they delayed setting up the infrastructure for the health exchanges the states need to comply with the Act.  So, some are getting with the program, and others are not.  Read here on what is happening.  In those states where the Red Guv is not doing his job, perhaps a law suit against him for denial of lawfully entitled benefits might stir the pots:

2.  Here's were we depart from the gloriously salacious and boring, but contentious election campaign noise, and embark on the tedious task of understanding (something to know) stuff like the Affordable Care Act.  Folks, this is kind boring stuff, but we need to at least get some type of knowledge on what problems we are going to encounter in rolling out Obama Care:

3.  Continuing on with today's theme, here is an article on how the state of California (and Southern California specifically) is meeting the task of being ready for the rollout of the Affordable Care Act.   This is not one of those things that just happens and everyone is covered.  It takes each and every applicable individual to sign up to be covered:

4.  I'm not a political scientist, man, but this guy Rubio is waffling his response like a typical hack politician.   It is so obvious that it is silly:

5.  There is evidence gathered that Karl Rove may have been/be involved in some pretty nasty fraudulent activity regarding manipulations of voting results in the past election.  If this does work its way through the taste and smell test, it could be very damaging to him, and to the Republican Party.  This is all the more reason to at begin the process to have elections administered and supervised by an independent agency of the Federal Government.  This state's right crap is not cutting it:

6.  Here's a peek at the unelected Grover Norquist (the guy who holds Republican pledges not to raise taxes).   If there is to be any change in the Republican Party, it will start with this guy exploding in hissy fits as his pledge signers bail out on him:

7.  David Brooks weighs in with his column about the future of the Conservative movement.  Not sure if this translates to a readily available GOP win.   He's basically profiling different writers of different publications from the Conservative side who attempt to give definition to political ideology.  It does not put forth the spokesperson or political leaders necessary to carry out the program.  Right now, the GOP has no leader.  Romney was not the leader, and any idea that he might have been is about as true as his relevancy two weeks after his defeat and stamped forever by a most ungracious and crappy departure from the political scene:

"Exercise relieves stress. Nothing relieves exercise." 
       -- Takayuki Ikkaku, Arisa Hosaka and Toshihiro Kawabata
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       -- E. M. Forster
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       -- John Ciardi
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       -- Mark Twain

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